March Forward #1: Can You Hear Me Now?

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Communication is tricky, even face-to-face; even without poor cell reception; even between two people who speak the same language. The definition is simple: any exchange of information, verbal and non-verbal, between sender and receiver. But because humans are so fascinatingly … Read More

Love Yourself #4: Think Like a Martian

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During the camping season – when school is out and days are longer – it’s easy for families to spend quality time together. But how about in the off-season, when days are shorter, the air chillier, and the pace more … Read More

Love Yourself #3: Have Some Chocolate

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Do your memories of camping involve squares of chocolate melted onto Graham crackers, clinging to marshmallows, and licked from fingers? Does your winter routine involve mugs of hot cocoa after a day of playing in (or shoveling) the snow? Good … Read More

Love Yourself #2: Eat Your Heart Out

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“Every food a person might eat either fights or contributes to disease.” – Stephen L. Kopecky, MD, cardiologist at the Mayo Clinic. Does it surprise you that most Americans would rather pop a pill than adjust their eating and exercise … Read More

Love Yourself #1: Head Over Heart

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Humans form an emotional brain long before a rational one, and a beating heart before either. Last month, we talked about the destructive nature of stress – against body, mind and spirit – and the power of positive emotion to … Read More