Halloween Time

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halloween time

We know the fall season has just entered the building (when will the weather receive the memo?), but we couldn’t wait another MINUTE to discuss one of our favorite holidays – HALLOWEEN! We love to celebrate Halloween because it’s all about fun, family, and friends – much like your camping adventures at our resort.

We want to help you be completely prepared for Halloween. So, we’re going to run a (very exciting) 5 part blog series titled ‘All About Halloween’ to get you ready for October 31st!

To start us off, here is All About Halloween: Decor!

  • Family-Friendly:
    • Party City has an amazing kid-friendly section of goodies this year. Giant hanging friendly ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, and happy ghouls, just to name a few. There are so many great options: http://ow.ly/om4K30ftrrj
    • You’ll get more smiles than scares with POPSUGAR’s DIY cute Halloween decorations! You can get the kids involved and have them help you make some garland, banners, treat dishes, and more. Check out all the details: http://ow.ly/aMAH30ftrXS
  • Lights and Sounds:
    • Light up your house! These Walmart finds give you lots of bang for your buck – and tons of options, too! Little lights to adorn your porch, projection lights, animated life-size ghosts, and LED lights aplenty! http://ow.ly/Wg6K30fuliX
    • There are so many easy and not-so-spooky DIY light up Halloween decorations; WooHome compiled a great list of ideas that you and the kids can make together!


  • Super Spooky:
    • Spirit Halloween takes it up a notch in the scare tactics department. If you’re looking to really spook everyone – think IT, Halloween, and Freddy vs. Jason – these mature Halloween decorations are for you! http://ow.ly/f3xU30funA5
    • You could always sit outside your cabin, RV, or home “pretending” to be a scary mannequin. Then, when people walk up to the door to trick-or-treat, you can pop up and frighten them! We know it’ll get ‘em every time!

We want to know: what are your favorite go-to Halloween decorations?

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