March Forward #3: Finding your purpose

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“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

waltIn today’s culture, that Confucian statement endures in fortune cookies, but otherwise flies in the face of society’s attitude toward jobs. The jokes about countdowns to Happy Hour, dreading Monday morning, and needing Lite FM radio to “tune out” of work imply that work is at best a time-filler, at worst a time-waster—just a way to while away the days between camping trips.

But having passion for work is key to living with purpose, and it’s not limited to the elite few who run empires or clinch “dream jobs.” Nor does it mean a job that’s free of challenge, conflict or stress. On the contrary, challenges and setbacks are key to engaging your heart, stretching your mind and igniting your passion. One of the world’s most famous dreamers, Walt Disney, enjoined people to “Think, Dream, Believe and Dare.” The cure for thinking small is to dream big.

Helping others take control of their lives, building something that can change the world, supporting critical missions, creating something of lasting beauty: any job can feed one’s passion, inspiring ways to improve and advance. From entry level to senior executive, it is not the title that counts—but rather, its alignment with core values and passions. Aligning work with passion means matching core values and daily activities. When work is aligned with passion, it confers energy instead of draining it.

One of the most famous career self-help books, What Color is Your Parachute, asks readers key questions such as:

  • What do you give your free time to do?
  • What are your favorite skills?
  • Where do you most enjoy using them?

You might wonder why you deserve success in your career; after all, isn’t it just a way to put food on the table? The better question why you do not deserve it. The belief in limited sources – that one’s gain is another’s loss – is a myth. Playing small doesn’t serve the world; it deprives the world of the benefits derived from one’s true talents. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking one’s potential.

Thinking big is the most powerful—and least utilized—technique on the planet. By fulfilling your passion without hesitation, and thinking without limits, you’ll achieve anything you desire.  In the spirit of spring cleaning and nature’s renewal, we will dedicate the next few blog posts into upgrading your life.


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