Camping Food Safety

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Tea kettle sitting on campfire

When camping, it can be fun to enjoy the warm weather and great views by cooking and eating outside. Cooking your meals over a bonfire is one of the great joys of camping. However, it’s important to stay safe when … Read More

Treating Burns While Camping

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People roasting marshmallows over campfire

When camping in the wilderness, there’s the possibility of getting injured due to extreme temperatures. It’s important to prepare for any conditions you may encounter when camping or hiking since there may not be medical care easily available. Staying out … Read More

Differentiating Birds of Prey


Hawk in front of trees

Hawks, falcons, and eagles are three of the most skilled birds of prey. While birders are trained to identify these hunters by their plumage, people who have never experienced watching these birds end up mystified. Telling the difference between a … Read More

Ladybug Self-Defense


Ladybug on green wooden background

Ladybugs are generally known as cute garden bugs who are both harmless to humans and beneficial to gardens. Their classic red and black body pattern makes them the most endearing of insects. Sometimes people even see them as a sign … Read More

On The Trail: Protecting Nature


Woman on path between trees

The scope and beauty of nature can be breathtaking and is good for the soul. Hiking is a great way to reconnect with nature and experience its beauty firsthand. But in order to keep the wilderness wild and safe for … Read More

Origin of Camping in the U.S.


Two Adirondack chairs in the woods

Camping is a very popular pastime; about 40 million people go camping in the United States every year. This temporary detachment from everyday life is a great way to relax and reconnect with nature. Here is a glimpse into how … Read More

U.S. Mountains: Rockies and Appalachians


Rocky Mountains

The United States is a vast and geographically diverse country that is home to several different climatic zones and landforms. There are five main major mountain ranges in the United States, including the Rockies, the Appalachians, the Sierra Nevada Range, … Read More

On The Trail: Packing Your Bag

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Hiker sitting overlooking lake

One of the most important things when going hiking is to be prepared. Hiking can be a fun, refreshing way to reconnect with nature but it can also be dangerous if you’re not careful. It is better to hike with … Read More